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Hi, my name is Trey McKay

Hi, I'm Trey McKay, and I'm obsessed with systems, strategies, and the art of understanding people.

I'm a design generalist with 10+ years of experience creating software solutions to human and business problems. I'm interested in systems, education, and process of going from complex to elegantly simple.

I'm currently a Product Designer at Meta.
Always open to discussing cool stuff.
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ESC Host App

ESC Games Host App

Product Design, Strategy

ESC Trivia Live

ESC Games Trivia Live (Coming Soon)

Game Design, Product Design, Strategy

iHeartRadio Project

iHeartRadio (Coming Soon)

Design Systems, UX Design, Strategy


Shapeways 3D Tools

UX Design, Strategy, Frontend Development

Indiewalls project

Indiewalls Platform

UX/UI Design, eCommerce, Marketing

Maleega UI design

Maleega e-mail web app

Product Design, Strategy, Branding

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